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Learn English Through Story – Jane Eyre– Practice Listening English

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Tahira Aslam: It´s a very interesting story in a very simple English, intonation of the reader´s impressed me alot.

/intonácia toho, ktorý to číta, ma ohromila/

Chapter 1: My Story Begins

In 1825, I was ten years old. My father and mother were dead. I lived with my aunt and uncle, Mr. And Mr.s Reed. Their house was called Gateshead Hall. The house was in Yorkshire, in the north of England. My Aunt and Uncle Reed had two children – a boy, John, and a girl, Eliza. I like my Uncle Reed and he liked me. But in 1825, my uncle died. /zomrel/

After that, I was very unhappy. My Aunt Reed did not like me. And John and Eliza were unkind to me. It was a cold, rainy day in December. All of us were in the house. I wanted to be alone. I wanted to read. I opened a book. Then I heard my Cousin John´s voice. „Jane! Jane Eyre! Where are you?“ John shouted. /kričal/

He came into the room and he saw me. „Why are you reading my book?“ he asked. „Give it to me!“ John took /vzal/ the book. He hit /udrel/ my head with it. I streamed. John hit me again. I pulled his hair and I kicked him. /Vytrhla som mu vlasy a kopala som ho./ „Help! Help, Mamma!“ John shouted. „Jane Eyre is hurting me! /ubližuje mi/“ Aunt Reed ran into the room. She pulled me /odtiahla ma/ away from John.

John hit me with a book,“ I said. „I hate him. And I hate you too!“ You are a bad girl, Jane,“ my aunt said. „Why do you hite me?“ „You don´t like me,“ I replied.

Jane chce odísť z domu, kde nie je milovaná. Ale jej teta sa jej len smeje.

Where will you go? Your parents are dead. You cannot live alone.“ Aunt Reed thought for a moment. „My friend, Mr. Brocklehurst, is the owner of a school,“ she said. „I will send you to Mr. Brocklehurst´s school.“ A few days later, Mr. Brocklehurst came to Gateshead Hall. He was a very tall man. His eyes were dark and his face was cruel. /jeho tvár bola krutá/

Od začiatku Jane Eyre ponižoval a rovnako ako ostatné deti v škole, za nič nemal. Vďaka pani Reed považoval Jane Eyre za „zlú“. „God punishes /trestá/ bad children, Jane Eyre.“ „God will punish John Reed,“ I replied. Jane je ešte len malé dievčatko, ale bráni sa, bojuje. No proti svetu a sile dospelých sa zdá, že nemá šancu.

Bad girls are punished at my school, Jane Eyre,“ Mr. Brocklehurst said. „The girls work very hard at Lowood. You will become a good girl.“

I will work hard. I will be a good pupil, Mr. Brocklehurst,“ I said.

Two weeks later, I left Gateshead Hall. I went to Lowood School.

Chapter 2: Lowood School

It was the month of January. I arrived at Lowood School at night. A servant took me up some stairs and into a big bedroom. /Sluha ma priviedol na schody do veľkej spálne./ There were many beds in the room. The girls in the beds were asleep. /spali/ The servant took me to an empty bed. I put on my nightclothes and I got into bed. Soon, I was asleep too.

I woke up very early.

I loud bell was ringing. /Počula som hlasné zvonenie./

The bedroom was dark and cold. I watched the other girls. They washed in cold water and they dressed quickly. There was a plain /prostý, jednoduchý/ brown dress next to my bed. And there was a pair of ugly /škaredé/, heavy shoes.

I washed quickly. Then I put on my new clothes. I was very hungry. I followed the other girls down the stairs. We sat down at long tables in a large dining-room. Our food was terrible. „The food is bad again,“ one of the girls said.

Stand up!“ a teacher shouted. „Don´t talk!“

We walked into a big schoolroom and we sat down.

There were about eighty girls in the schoolroom.

And there were four classes.

The oldest girls were in the fourth class.

I was in the first class.

Four teachers came into the room and we began our lessons. The lessons were not interesting. First, we read some pages in a book. Then our teacher asked us questions about those pages.

After four hours, we went outside. It was very cold.

Very soon, /veľmi skoro/ a bell rang. Lessons started again.


Three weeks past. One afternoon, the head teacher /vedúci učiteľ/ came into the schoolroom. The head teacher´s name was Miss Temple. Mr. Brocklehurst was with her. We all stood up. I stood behind an older girl. I did not want Mr. Brocklehurst to see me. Mr. Brocklehurst walked slowly round the room. Everybody was very quiet. And then I dropped /pustila som/ my book! Pán Brocklehurst malú Jane zbadal a okamžite zareagoval.

Ah! The new girl,“ he said. „Come here, Jane Eyre!“ Then he pointed at two of the older girls. „You two girls – put Jane Eyre on that high chair!“ he said.

Look at Jane Eyre, everybody! This child is bad. She is a liar. She will be punische! Miss Temple! Teachers! Girls! Do not talk to this child.“

Then he spoke to me again.

Jane Eyre, you must stand on that chair for two hours, you are a bad girl,“ he said.

That evening, I cried and cried. /kričala som/ But Miss Temple was kind to me. „You are a good pupil, Jane. And you are not a bad girl. I am your friend, Jane,“ she said.


Lowood School was in an unhealthy place.

The building was wet /vlhká/ and cold. Mr. Brocklehurst owned the school. He was a rich man. But he did not buy warm clothes for us. And he did not buy good food for us. Everybody hated him.

In the sprin, many of the girls became sick. Some of them left the school. They never came back. Many of the girls died.

That spring was a terrible time. We had not lessons.

Miss Temple and the other teachers took care of the sick pupils.

The next year, Lowood School moved to a better place. Pôvodný majiteľ školy bol súdený a už sa nikdy do školy nevrátil. Obvinili ho, že kvôli jeho nedostatočnej starostlivosti, prišlo niekoľko detí o život. Škola dostala nové vedenie a Jane sa v nej začalo páčiť.

After that, I was happy at Lowood School too.

I was a pupil /bola som žiačkou/ at Lowood School for six years. Then I became a teacher. /potom som sa stala učiteľkou/

I was a teacher at the school for two years.

I never returned to Gateshead Hall.

And the Reeds never wrote to me.

Chapter 3: Thornfield Hall

In 1833, I was eighteen years old.

In the summer, Miss Temple left Lowood School. She got married.

I wanted to leave Lowood too. I wanted a new life.

I will be a governess,“ I thought.

I put an advertisement in a newspaper.

October, 1833. Lowood.

A young woman wants to teach one or two children in their home.

She teaches English, Arithmetic, Geography, Religion, French, Drawing /maľovanie/ and Music.

Jane dostala odpoveď na svoj inzerát:

The reply was from Mr.s Fairfax of Thornfield Hall, near Millcote.

I wrote to Mr.s Fairfax immediately. /okamžite/

I travelled to Millcote in a coach.


V novom domove ju milo privítala pani Fairfax.

A lady was in the room. She was sitting by the fire.

Mr.s Fairfax is very kind,“ I said to myself. „I willl be happy here.“

Your pupil is Adele Varens.

Adele´s mother was a Frenchwoman.

Adele is Mr. Rochester´s ward. /strážca, poručník?/

He takes care of her.

Mr. Rochester? Who is Mr. Rochester?“ I asked.

Mr. Edward Rochester is the owner of Thornfield Hall,“ Mr.s Fairfax said.

I am his housekeeper. I take care of Thornfield Hall. Mr. Rochester is not here now. He does not like this house. He is often away from home.“

I was very tired. Mr.s Fairfax took me up the wide stairs. She took me to my room. I went to bed immediately. And I slept well.

The next morning, I woke early. The sun was shining. I put on a plain black dress. I opened my bedroom door. I walked along a corridor and down the wide stairs. /široké schody/ I walked out into the sunny garden. I turned and I looked up at my new home. Thornfield Hall was a beautiful house with many large windows. The garden was beautiful too. After a few minutes, Mr.s Fairfax came into the garden. She spoke to me.

Good morning, Miss Eyre,“ she said. „You have woken early. Miss Adele is here.After breakfast, you must take her to the schoolroom.She must begin her lessons.“

A pretty little girl walked towards me.

She was about eight years old.

She spoke to me in French and I replied in French.

We worked all morning.

Adele enjoyed her lessons and I was happy.


In the afternoon, Mr.s Fairfax took me into all the rooms of Thornfield Hall.

We looked at the paintings and at the beautiful furniture.

We walked along the corridors.

Come up onto the roof, Miss Eyre,“ Mr.s Fairfax said. „You will see the beautiful countryside around Thornfield Hall.“

We walked up many stairs.

At last, we were at the top of the house.

We walked along the top corridor. Mr.s Fairfax opened a small door and we walked onto the roof. We stood on the roof /strecha/ a few minutes. Then we went back into the house. We walked carefully towards the stairs. The top corridor /horná chodba/ was narrow /bola úzka/ and dark.

Suddenly, I heard a strange laugh.

Who is that, Mr.s Fairfax?“ I asked. Mr.s Fairfax did not reply. She knocked on a door. „Grace,“ she said. The door opened. Behind the door was a small room. A servant was standing at the door.

Be quiet, Grace, please,“ Mr.s Fairfax said.

The woman looked at Mr.s Fairfax. Then she closed the door.

That was Grace Poole,“ Mr.s Fairfax said. „She works up here. Sometimes she laughs and talks with the other servants.

Don´t worry about Grace. Please come downstairs now, Miss Eyre.“

Chapter 4: Mr. Rochester

Three months passed. I had not met the owner of Thornfield Hall.

On January afternoon, I went out and I walked towards the road.

I was going to the village of Hay. I was going to post a letter in the village. Hay was two miles from Thornfield Hall. The day was fine but it was very cold. I walked quickly and soon I was near the village. Suddenly /odrazu, zrazu, náhle/, a big black-and-white dog ran past me /bežal okolo mňa/.

A moment later, a man on a black horse followed the dog. The dog ran past me again. It was barking loudly /brechanie bolo hlasné/ . I turned round /otočila som sa/.

The horse had fallen on the icy /ľadovú/ round and the man had fallen from the horse. I walked towards them. „Can I help you, sir?“ I asked.

My horse fell. I´ve hurt my foot,“ the man said.

The horse stood up. The man tried to stand up too. But he could not stand. He fell onto the ground again. The man was about thirty-five years old. He was not handsome but he had a strong face. He had dar eyes and black hair. He was not very tall but his body was powerful.

Jane Eyre ponúkla neznámemu ranenému mužovi pomoc.

The man stood up very slowly, and he put his hand on my shoulder. He walked slowly towards his horse. I helped him. He pulled himself onto the horse /vytiahol sa sám na koňa/.

Jane Eyre sa pobrala ďalej do dediny, odoslala napísaný list a vrátila sa naspäť do Thornfield Hall. Netušila, že muž, ktorý na ňu tak silne zapôsobil, bol sám majiteľ Thornfield Hallu.

Bright lights were shining in the big house. I went inside. A big black-and-white dog walked towards me. It came from the dining-room. „Whose dog ist that?“ I asked a servant.

It´s Mr.Rochester´s dog,“ the servant replied. „Mr. Rochester has come home. But he has hurt his foot. His horse fell on some ice.“

I smiled. The owner of Thornfield Hall had returned. I saw Mr. Rochester the next day. He sent for me in the evening.

I put on a clean dress. I brushed my hair carefully.

This is Miss Eyre, sir,“ Mr.s Fairfax said. Mr. Rochester looked at me. He did not smile. Pán Rochester začal rozhovor s Jane, čudujúc sa v duchu tomuto „malému čarovnému škriatku“. Pani Fairfaxová chválila Jane, že je šikovnou učiteľkou a má na malú Adelku dobrý vplyv.

Mr. Rochester smiled for the first time. „You are very young, Miss Eyre,“ he said. „I am eighteen, sir,“ I replied. Mr. Rochester smiled again. He did not ask me more questions.

After that evening, I did not see Mr. Rochester for a few days.

Then, one night, he sent for me again.

You are looking at me very carefully. Am I a handsome man?“

No, sir,“ I said.

You speak the truth, Miss Eyre!“ Mr. Rochester said.

Look at me again. Am I a kind man?“

No, sir,“ I said again. „You are smiling now. But you are not always kind.“

That is true,“ Mr. Rochester replied. „I have had a difficult life. I have met bad people. I have been a bad person myself. Now Thornfield Hall is my home. But I hate this house. You are very young, Miss Eyre. You cannot understand me.“ „You are right. I don´t understand you, sir,“ I said.

Jane musela uložiť Adelku a tak pán Rochester navrhol, že budú v rozhovore pokračovať zajtra. Očividne ho bavilo rozprávať sa s takým čistým a neopakovateľným stvorením, akým Jane bola.

Mr. Rochester was an interesting man.

But he was a strange man too.

I often thought about him.

Why does Mr. Rochester hate Thornfield?“ I asked myself.

Chapter 5: Fire!

It was March. One night, I was in bed. But I was not asleep. The house was quiet. Suddenly, I heard a sound in the corridor outside my room.

Jane počula strašný smiech.

I got out of my bed and I wen quietly to the door.

I listened. I heard another sound.

Somebody was walking up the stairs to the top corridor. Then I heard somebody close a door.

Was that Grace Poole?“ I said to myself.

I put on some clothes and I opened the door.

There was a candle on the floor outside my room.

The candle was burning.

There was thick smoke in the corridor.

I went into the corridor. I looked around me.

The door of Mr. Rochster´s bedroom was open.

And the smoke was coming from Mr. Rochester´s room.

I ran into the room.

Wake up, sir!“

What happened, Jane?“

There was a fire, sir. Grace Poole tried to kill you!

Stay here, Jane. Open the window. I´ll go upstairs.“

I sat in a chair by the window.

Time passed. At last, Mr. Rochester returned.

Please don´t worry, Jane,“ he said. „Grace Poole is a strange woman. But she won´t hurt anybody tonight.“

I stood up. „Goodnight, sir,“ I said.

Thank you, my dear friend,“ he said. „You saved my life tonight, Jane.“

Goodnight, sir,“ I said again.

I went back to my bed. I was very tired.

Jane si uvedomila, že pána Rochestera miluje.

Did he love me?“ I did not know.

I did not see Mr. Rochester the next day. He did not sent for me.

Jane pána Rochestera na druhý deň nevidela. Nebol doma. Pani Fairfaxová povedala, že šiel do Ingram Parku.

Mr. Rochester will stay there for a week or more. He has gone to Ingram Park,“ Mr.s Fairfax replied /odpovedala/. „He has many friends. All his friends will be at Ingram Park this week.“

Jane je už do pána Rochestera zamilovaná a ako „sa patrí“, žiarli, že medzi priateľmi, ktorých pán Rochester má, budú aj dámy, predovšetkým krásna Miss Blanche Ingram, ktorá by nedbala stať sa Rochesterovou ženou.

Is Miss Ingam beautiful?“ I asked.

She is very beautiful,“ Mr. S Fairfax said.

Will Mr. Rochester marry her?“ I asked.

Mr.s Fairfax smiled. „I don´t know.“

I was very unhappy. I went up to my bedroom. I looked in my mirror. „Jane Eyre,“ I said to myself. „You are not pretty and you are poor. Mr. Rochester will never marry you…. You are a poor governess. Forget Mr. Rochester, Jane Eyre! Forget him!“

Chapter 6: Guests at Thornfield Hall

Two weeks later, a letter arrived for Mr.s Fairfax. „Mr. Rochester will return on Thursday,“ Mr.s Fairfax said. „Some of his friends will come here with him. There will be many guests at Thornfield Hall.“

On Thursday evening, Mr.s Fairfax, Adele and I were in Adele´s bedroom. Mr. S Fairfax was looking out of the window. „The guests are arriving now!“ Mr. S Fairfax said.

I went to the window and I looked out. There were three carriages /koče/. Two people were riding horses. Mr. Rochester was riding his big black horse. Jane sa dívala na krásnu Blanche Ingram a bolo jej smutno.

Na druhý deň poslal pán Rochester pre Adelku a jej vychovávateľku, aby sa predstavili hosťom.

Later Adele and I went quietly into the sitting-room.

And soon, eight ladies came into the room.

One of them was tall, dark and very beautiful. She was Blanche Ingram. Adele ran towards her.

Good evening, beautiful lady,“ she said in French.

What a pretty little girl!“ Blanche Ingram said.

Miss Ingram spoke to the other ladies. And she spoke to Adele. But she did not speak to me.

Half an hour later, the gentlemen came into the room. I looked at Mr. Rochester. He saw me, but he did not speak to me. Miss Ingram pointed at Adele. „Why doesn´t little girl live at a school, Mr. Rochester?“ she asked. „Adele learns her lessons at home,“ Mr. Rochester replied. She has a governess.“ … Later, Miss Ingram and Mr. Rochester sang some songs together. Mr. Rochester had a fine voice. I listened to the songs, then I left the room. Mr. Rochester followed me. „What is wrong, Jane?“ he asked. „Nothing is wrong, sir,“ I said. „But I am tired. I am going to my room. Goodnight, sir.“ „You are tired. And you are unhappy too, „ Mr. Rochester replied. „There are tears in your eyes. Rest now, Jane. But please come and meet my guests tomorrow evening. Don´t forget, my – , don´t forget, Jane.“

Hostia ostali na Thornfield Hall dva týždne. Jane musela ísť každý večer do spoločenskej miestnosti spolu s Adelkou. Kým Adelka bola celá blažená v spoločnosti hostí, Jane sa radšej utiahla za záclonu a snažila sa neukázať nikomu na oči. Ale potom sa niečo stalo. Nejaký pán Mason sa ohlásil na návštevu a pán Rochester zbledol na smrť, keď mu povedali jeho meno.

Suddenly, Mr. Rochester´s face was pale. „Jane, my little friend, I´ve had a shock,“ he said.

Chapter 7: A Terrible Night

Some hours later, I woke up. A terrible cry had woken me. The moon was bright. Its light was shining through my window. I listened.Then I heard somebody shouting. The voice came from the top corridor. „Help! Help!“ I got out of bed and I put on a dress and some shoes. I opened my door. All the guests were in the corridor outside te bedrooms. They were all asking questions. „What happened?“ they asked. „Is there a fire? Who is hurt? Where is Mr. Rochester?“

Hostia vychádzali zo svojich izieb znepokojene sa jeden druhého pýtali, čo sa deje a kde je pán Rochester. Pán Rochester zvládol začínajúcu paniku. Tíšil dámy a nenápadne všetkých posúval naspäť do izieb. Povedal, že niekomu zo služobníctva snívali zlé sny, ale že už je všetko v poriadku. Ale nebolo…

Soon, somebody knocked on my door. I opened the door. Mr. Rochester was standing in the corridor. „Jane, follow me. Do not make a sound,“ Mr. Rochester said.

We went up to the top corridor. Mr. Rochester unlocked a door and we went inside a room.

Mr. Mason was sitting on a chair in the room. His face was pale. And his shirt was covered with blood! Then I heard a terrible laught. The sound came from the next room.

Grace Poole is a madwoman,“ I thought. Why does Mr. Rochester have a mad servant?“ Mr. Rochester spoke quietly to Mr. Mason. „I am going to bring a doctor, Richard,“ he said. Then he spoke to me. „Stay here, Jane. Wash Mr. Mason´s arm. But do not speak to him.“

Po dvoch pre Jane takých strašných hodinách, sa pán Rochester vrátil nazad aj s lekárom. „She bit me,“ Mr. Mason said. I came up here. I wanted to see her. I wanted to help her. But she bit me!“ „Be quiet now, Richard,“ Mr. Rochester said quickly.

Keď Masona nasadili do kočiara, obrátil sa k pánovi Rochesterovi s prosbou: „Help her. Be kind to her, Rochester,“ he said. „Yes, I will, Mason,“ Mr. Rochester said.

Na druhý deň dostala Jane list z Gateshead Hall. List bol od jej sesternice Elizy. Jej brat John zomrel a matka bola velmi chorá, tak sa obracala na Jane, či by ich nemohla prísť pozrieť.

I started the journey to my Aunt Reed´s house immediately. I arrived there the next day. Jane prišla chorú tetu navštíviť, ale tá s ňou neprehovorila ani slovo. Tri týždne to trvalo, kým Jane oslovila. Dala jej prečítať list, ktorý bol tri roky starý. Madeira. October 1831.

Dear Madam. I am Jane Eye´s uncle. I am very rich man. I have no children. One day, Jane will have all my money. Tell her about me She must write to me. John Eyre.

Janina teta na ten list odpovedala, ale pretože malú Jane nenávidela, nedopriala jej ani strýkove peniaze, ani strýkovu lásku. Strýkovi napísala, že Jane zomrela. „Jane died at Lowood School.“ Teta zomrela na druhý deň zomrela a Jane sa opustila Gateshead Hall navždy. So sebou si niesla strýkov list. Vracala sa do svojho skutočného domova a k mužovi, ktorého hlboko milovala.

Every day, Mr. Rochester and I talked together. And every day, I loved him more.

Chapter 8: In the Garden

Jedneho dňa sa Jane prechádzala v záhrade a pán Rochester sa ku nej pripojil, ako to robieval aj po iné dni. Povedal jej, že jej malá žiačka odchádza do školy a pýtal sa jej, či teraz opustí Thornfield Hall.

Leave?“ I said quickly. „Must I leave Thornfield?“

Don´t leave, Jane,“ Mr. Rochester said. „Stay here.“ He smiled at me. „Will you marry me, Jane?“ For a moment, I could not speak. At last, I asked: „Do you love me, sir?“

I do,“ he replied.

Then, sir, I will marry you,“ I said.

We will be married in a month, Jane!“


It was the month of July. Two days before our wedding-day, Mr. Rocheser went away. „I willl return tomorrow,“ he said. „I love you, Jane.“ My wedding dress and my wedding veil were in my room. I looked at them. I had a very strange dream last night. It was a dream about this house. But in my dream, Thornfield Hall had no roof. The walls were burnt. They were black. Jane sa ani tak nvyľakala svojho sna, ako toho, že v jej izbe bola odrazu akási vysoká žena s dlhými, čiernymi vlasmi.

She put my wedding veil over her head and she looked in the mirror. Then I saw her face! It was a strange, terrible face… Suddenly the woman tore my veil into two pieces. She threw the pieces on the floor! The woman held her candle near my face, she looked at me and she laughed. Then she went away.

Jane toto všetko porozprávala svojmu snúbencovi Edwardovi. Podľa neho sa toto všetko stalo v Janinom sne. Lenže roztrhaný svadobný závoj bol dôkazom, že sa to Jane nesnívalo.

But the woman did not hurt you, Jane,“ Mr. Rochester said.

Sleep in Adele´s room tonight, my dear. You will have no more bad dreams.“

Chapter 9: Mr. Rochester´s Wife

Prišiel deň Janinej svadby. Sobášili sa v malom kostole, v ktorom nebolo veľa hostí. They were sitting in a dark corner. I could not see them very well. The clergyman started to speak. At every marriage, the clergyman asks an important question. He asks the pleople in the church, „Is there a problem about this marriage?“ The clergyman spoke loudly. He asked this question and he waited. There was silence for a moment. And then one of the men in the dark corner stood up. „There is a problem. These two people must not be married!“ he said. „My name is Briggs, sir. I am a lawyer,“ the man replied. „I know many things about you. 15 years ago, you were married in the West Indies.Your wife´s name is Bertha Mason. She is alive. She lives at Thornfield Hall.“ „It is true,“ he said. „My wife is living at Thornfield Hall. She is mad. Come to the house – all of you! Come and see Mr.s Rochester! Come and see the madwoman!“

Jane bola ako ochrnutá. Nemohla plakať, nevládala povedať ani slovo. Len to si uvedomovala, že nikdy nebude ženou muža, ktorého tak veľmi miluje. Vedela, že pán Rochester je prudký, tvrdohlavý a panovačný muž, ktorý by ju nikdy nenechal odísť z Thornfield Hall. Ale ona musela odísť.

I must leave Thornfield Hall. I must never see Mr. Rochester again. My life here is finished.

My father wanted me to marry Bertha Mason. Her family was very rich. I married her. My father was happy. But I was not happy. Bertha was mad, and she was a bad woman. Nobody told me about her. She was married to me, but she met other men. She was drunk every day. She tried to kill me meny times. After four years, I brought Berta here to Thornfield Hall,“ Mr. Rochester said. „Then I went away. Grace Poole took care of Bertha. I met other women. One of them was a French singer. She was Adele´s mother. Adele is my daughter, Jane. But I did not love the French singer. I did not love anybody. I came home to Thornfield Hall. Then you came here and I loved you. I will always love you. Please stay with me, Jane.“

Jane doslova utiekla z Thornfield Hall. Nezobrala si so sebou nič z toho, čo jej Mr. Rochester daroval. Svoje posledné peniaze dala kočišovi, aby ju odviezol hocikde, ale poriadne ďaleko.

I had no money. I had no food. I walked until the evening came. At last, I lay down on the ground. I fell asleep immediately.

Chapter 10: Moor House

The next morning, I woke late. I walked along the road for many miles. It started to rain. Soon my clothes were wet. I saw no one. I walked on the moor all day. In the evening, I was very tired again. „Where shall I sleep?“ Then I saw a light. I walked slowly towards it.

Dom, do ktorého sa Jane dostala, patril Johnovi Riversovi a jeho dvom sestrám – Diane a Mary. Jane im porozprávala o škole, do ktorej chodila, o tete, u ktorej predtým žila, ale ani slovo o Thornfield Hall a mužovi, ktorého ľúbila. John bol zapálený kazateľ, ktorý dal do poriadku školu pre deti a Jane ako učiteľka mu prišla veľmi vhod. Blízko pri škole bol malý domček, takže sa vyriešilo aj Janino ubytovanie. Dievčatá ju zbožňovali, deti mali rady a John skúmal, aká vlastne je.

One day, St John Rivers came to my house. „I want to ask you three questions, Jane,“ he replied. „Is your name Jane Elliot? Do you have another name? Do you know Jane Eyre?“ I looked at him for a moment. I did not speak. „I have some news for Jane Eyre,“ St John said. „Jane Eyre was a pupil at Lowood School. And she was a teacher there. Then she was a governess at Thornfield Hall – the home of Mr. Edward Rochester.“ „How do you know this?“ I asked. „This letter is from a lawyer. The lawyer tells a story about Mr. Rochester. He had a mad wife. But he tried to marry Jane Eyre. She left Thornfield.“ Jane prizná Johnovi Riversovi svoju identitu aj všetko to, o čom píše právnik jej strýka. „John Eyre has given you twenty thousand pounds. You are rich, Jane.“ Jane nechápala, že prečo pán Briggs napísal práve jemu. „My mother´s name was Eyre,“ St John said. „She was your father´s sister, Jane.“ „Then you, Diana and Mary are my cousins!“ I said.

I gave St John Diana and Mary five thousand pounds each. I wrote to Mr.s Fairfax too, but she did not reply. Six months passend. I heard nothing from Thornfield Hall. Then, one day, I was walking on the moor. Suddenly, I heard a voice. There was nobody on the moor.

But the voice was calling my name – Jane! Jane! Jane! „That is Mr. Rochester´s voice,“ I said to myself. Then I shouted, „I am coming, Edward. I am coming!“

I began my journey the next day.

Chapter 11: My Story Ends

Was Mr.Rochester at Thornfield? Was he ill? And then I saw the house. The house had no roof. Its walls were burnt and black. Nobody was living there.

Vystrašená Jane sa rozhodla ísť do najbližšej dediny, aby získala informácie o tom, čo sa v Thornfield Hall vlastne stalo.

Three months ago, thee was a fire at Thornfield Hall,“ a man told me. „The madwoman burnt the house. She was Mr. Rochester´s wife.“ „Was Mr. Rochester in the house?“ I asked. „He tried to save his wife´s life. He went into the burning house. But the madwoman jumped from the roof. She died.“

Was Mr. Rochester hurt?“ I asked quickly.

Yes, he was badly hurt,“ the man said. „He is blind – he can´t see. And he has only one hand. He is living at Ferndean.“

I got out of the carriage near Ferndean. I walked to the house. I knocked on the door. A servant opened it. I knew her.

Bol čas večere a pán Rochester chcel sviečky. Napriek tomu, že bol slepý, robilo mu dobre vedomie, že vedľa neho horia sviečky. Jane vzala sviečky do vlastných rúk a vybrala sa za milovaným pánom Rochesterom, z ktorého sa stal rozmrzelý mrzák.

I opened the door of Mr. Rochester´s room. His black-and-white dog was sitting by the fire. The dog jumped up and ran towards me. „Who is there?“ Mr. Rochester said. „Don´t you know me, Edward?“ I asked. „Your dog knows me.“ I put the candles on a table. I held Mr. Rochester´s hand. „I know that voice. And I know this little hand,“ Mr. Rochester said. „Is that you, Jane?“ „Yes, sir, I have found you at last,“ I said. „I will never leave you again.“ Then I told Mr. Rochester my story. „Why did you leave your cousins, Jane?“ Mr. Rochester asked. „Why did you come back to me? I am blind. I have only one hand.“ „I will take care of you, Edward,“ I said. „But I don´t want a servant,“ Mr. Rochester replied. „I want a wife.“ „You will have a wife, Edward,“ I said.

I will be your wife. I will marry you. I loved you very much at Thornfield Hall. Now I love you more.“

Mr. Rochester and I got married. After a time, his eyes were better. He could see a little. He saw the face of our first child! My dear Edward and I are very happy.

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